Podium Sport Agency is run by Mr. Elie Koury, BA in Law & Masters in Business & Sports Business Management.

Why do you need an agent?
The representation of a client requires so much more than just knowledge of market value and player worth. A knowledgeable agent such as Podium speaks the legal language of deals and contracts, therefore can tailor a contract to its client’s needs.

​For transfers under the basketball family, players, coaches and clubs need an agent that is skilled, understands the game, the market needs, the career growth and financial security. They need a performing agency delivering results after hard work.

About Us

Podium Sport Agency is a full service sports agency, representing professional athletes, particularly basketball players.As a full functioning sports agency, we offer our clients an array of services from financial to contractual to personal consulting, enabling them to more fully focus on their craft.Specialized in overseas basketball, we have connections with more than 1800 teams around the world, across Europe, North/South/Latin America, Asia & Oceania.With a strong world-wide presence Podium's unique business model has opened doors in every major market for basketball & awarded our clients lucrative playing contracts. We assist our clients to reach their goals, plan for the future, & take care of daily issues.We help our clients on & off the field, to succeed in their career & post-career.This level of expertise & "one on one" attention can not be surpassed by any other "super agency" or individual agent.Being a professional athlete can be a great experience & is a unique opportunity of fame & fortune. It is important that every athlete has the right advice, guidance & counsel to make the most of this opportunity.

Our mission
Provide operational excellence both in managing the professional athlete's career and in supplying to the professional sports organizations, performing athletes and well representative individuals for the best possible outcome.

Our strategy
Provide the best quality of work at competitive prices while focusing on quality control. The services and follow up with our clients remain our main interest.
Our main reason for success ​is the experience and the motivation of the owners who are also the managers. We aim to expand the market share with an acceptable profit and to be leaders in the local market.

Our objective
Improve constantly and allow constant improvement.